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Tokyo Sexwale has a new girlfriend…this 20 something model [pic]

Life is Savage on 29.04.2013 – 5016 readers.

60 year old Tokyo Sexwale (pronounced sex whale), former political prisoner, anti-apartheid activist, politician and billionaire diamond magnate  filed for divorce from his wife in February and it hasn’t taken long for him to introduce his new girlfriend…a 20 something model and law student.

The Sunday Times confirmed that Sexwale is seeing Nataxa da Silva.

nataxa da silva

Please hold off on the gold-digger comments…not fair. The Sexwale made his money in diamonds not gold.

His divorce to Judy van Vuuren has made headlines and could end being one of the largest in South African history.

“Court papers show she is seeking a R70-million (49m GBP) house, R3 million to furnish it, a new R1 million car every five years and monthly maintenance of R150,000 (10,000 GBP). ” [Telegraph]

But for now all eyes on his new piece Nataxa.

[via Sunday Times]

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